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Deer Country Quilts Newsletter

  August 2018

As you know, Deer Country Quilts has been for sale for the last few years but we have not had a buyer so far.  However, we have a buyer for the building and we signed a buy/sell agreement last week!  We were able to sign a lease to rent space in the Bison and Bear Center and plan to move later in the fall.  The Seeley Lake Community Foundation is very excited to purchase our building to use as a non-profit hub in the community.  I feel that this is great use for our building and it will be a great benefit to Seeley Lake!

It has always been my intention and greatest hope that the store would sell and continue as it has.  Selling the building was a bit of a surprise but I am thankful for the opportunity it gives us.  It is certainly a different direction than what I envisioned!  The timing worked out great that such a nice space was available for us to rent and most importantly, Deer Country Quilts will continue!

The space is where the gift shop originally was (for those of you who remember, the shop that sold fudge).  We will still be able to have a class space.  It has a kitchen area, an office, we will have our own restroom, and so much better lighting.  There is a coffee kiosk in the parking lot! It is smaller and we will certainly miss all of our storage space aka our whole upstairs. We will have to downsize our inventory too.  We have the opportunity to focus on what really sells the best for us.  Watch for upcoming announcements concerning this!

The time frame for closing on this building is December 31st.  We plan on staying here until November.  Then we will have a couple months to move and organize our space. I'm trying not to think about what a job that will be! So- even with a change, our goal is not to change.  Same us, different location!  Pam 

Deer Country Quilts

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