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March 19th News


  March 19, 2020

Change- We can always count on it can't we. We are all dealing with change during this crazy time.  We certainly haven't seen times like this before and our routines have definitely changed for now and there is an uncertainty how long this will even last. 

I am about to step out and make a big change.  As many of you know, Deer Country Quilts has been for sale for quite a while now.  We sold our building which was one hurdle to get over.  It made it possible for Sarina to be able to buy the business portion from me.  This will happen sometime in May.  We are building a house in Helena  and plan to move there to be closer  to grand kids and family.  We currently have a buy/sell on house here so things are moving forward!

So concerning social distancing (which wasn't even in my vocabulary last week),  we have had to cancel our spring retreats. I don't even think we could get groceries for it!?? This was a hard decision for many reasons.
**We love our ladies!  The fellowship of sewing together and celebrating each others accomplishments is really important.  
** It gives Deer Country Quilts a much needed boost during a slower time of the year.  Things slow down in the winter and we do count on the extra infusion of cash that retreats bring in to help before the busy summer season.
**This last year above all, we have been trying to reduce the inventory value to make the purchase of the business easier for Sarina. 

 We remain open during this time and make every effort to make sure things are safe.  We do wash our hands! A lot!!  And since people have been making and effort to not go out as much we felt we should have an online sale as well as in store. We do feel fabric IS a necessity after all! So we are having a....


Starting today, for online purchases, use the coupon code COVID19 and get 19% off of your order.  We also want to provide free shipping on orders over $50 after the discount!  We're sure that is how the computer will apply it.
All in store purchases will get 19% off as well. This discount will be good through March 31st. 

We do appreciate all of our customers. We are going to miss our retreaters for sure. We would hate to see anyone compromised by this virus.  If you feel the need to get out for a little social time, you are always welcome to come sew for the day, stock up on projects, or just visit.  We can still offer great service just no hugs!
Happy Quilting, Pam 

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